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6mm Ultra clear toughened Splashback painted any dulux color
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Get The Best Toughened Splashback Glass and Mirror

Toughened splashback glass and mirror can be beautiful additions to your kitchen or bathroom. True Value Glass specialises in providing high-quality splashback glass and mirror. We can help you improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Our toughened splashback glass is heat resistant and impactful. With our splashback glass, you can transform your ordinary space into a highly functional space. Our products help to provide an elegant touch to your property.

Offering a broad spectrum of toughened splashback glass and mirror

At True Value Glass, you can find the perfect blend of quality and innovation. We aim to provide the best-in-class splashback glass and mirror. We understand that every customer has different taste and style. That is why we work keeping the best interest of the clients in mind. We provide splashback glass and mirror according to the specific requirements of the clients. Whether you want splashback glass for your contemporary or traditional kitchen, we have it all. We can help to enhance the appearance of your home. Our glass splashback is engineered with grade A toughened glass as we have high-quality standards. Toughened glass is not only physically stronger than normal glass but also thermally stronger. It can withstand temperatures up to 2500C, while a standard glass can bear temperatures up to 800C. If you are looking for toughened splashback glass and mirror in Sydney, get in touch with True Value Glass. We provide high-quality glass shower screens, balustrades, pool fences etc. to enhance the visual appeal of your home.