Frameless Glass Balustrade Inner West

Choose the Best Glass Balustrade in Inner West

Glass balustrades are gaining huge popularity these days due to the benefits they offer. They can help to provide a safety barrier to your balcony or a staircase. Glass balustrades are a perfect option if you want to add contemporary flair and a modern touch to your space. They can be installed in both indoor and outdoor space. However, it is important to choose the right type of balustrade for your property.

True Value Glass is a leading provider of high-quality glass balustrades in Inner West. We have a wide range of glass balustrades in different designs and styles. With our balustrades, you can provide an elegant look to your property. Our professionals will understand your requirements and provide glass balustrades accordingly.

Whether you are looking for a semi frameless or a frameless glass balustrade, we have it all. We also provide DIY glass balustrades to our customers. With our frameless glass balustrades, you can get an unobstructed view of the environment.

All our glass balustrades meet Australian standards. Our balustrades are made from high-quality and toughened glass, particularly grade A glass panels.

Why should you install our glass balustrades?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should install our glass balustrades:

Aesthetic appeal:

Our glass balustrades will help to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Glass balustrades will not cause any type of hindrance in the view. Also, they will allow more light to enter your home, making your home look brighter. This will also help to improve ventilation in your home.

Highly durable:

Our glass balustrades are more durable as compared to other options. Our glass panels are usually toughened, which increases the durability of the glass balustrades. They are highly resistant to shattering.


Our glass balustrades act as barriers and can help to keep your family safe. Since glass cannot be easily broken, it is a perfect material for the balustrade.

Various designs:

Our balustrades are available in various designs and styles. We have an exquisite range of glass balustrades. You can choose the most suitable product according to your specific requirements.

Low maintenance:

Our glass balustrades require low maintenance as compared to other options. Since glass has rust resistant properties, it requires low maintenance. Glass balustrade can be easily wiped with a glass cleaner.

Looking for high-quality glass balustrades in Inner West, get in touch with True Value Glass. We can help you choose the most suitable balustrade according to your specific requirements.