Shower Screens Canterbury Bankstown

A Brief Overview of Shower Screens

We all must agree to this when we say a bathroom is an indispensable part of the home. A glass can embellish your bathroom with its unobtrusive presence of glass that adds to an ultimate style statement. The shower screens are not only sturdy but also add a dazzling visual finish to the bathroom. Shower screens are considered as an effective solution to stop the water from splashing all over the floor. There is a wide range of shower screens available for every style and design. We offer a wide range of frameless shower screens, semi-frameless shower screen, fully framed shower screens in Canterbury Bankstown.

Frameless Shower Screens

A frameless shower screen does not have any frames around it and is entirely held in place with the help of special clamps or fixings along the wall and floor. They are made from the toughened glass which makes the glass rigid and tough. The toughened glass provides an elegant look and also secures the screen which adds the value to the bathroom. The frameless range of shower glass gives a smooth and clear look to the bathroom that complements its decor. We have a great range of shower screen and you can choose any of it as per your choice as they are available in clear, tinted, frosted or slump glass.

Semi-Frameless Shower Screen

A semi-frameless shower screen is usually framed outside the edges of the glass. The continuous frames provide the high strength and durability which ensures the safety. We provide high-quality shower screens which are made from the toughened glass and the framing used is composed of aluminum. These shower screens can also be customized as per the exact area and requirement. Semi-frameless shower screens are gradually becoming more popular as they give a clean and streamlined look to your bathroom.

Fully Framed Shower Screens

A fully framed shower screen not only provides an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom, but it also looks very organized as well as tidy. It serves as an effective and smart way to get rid of excess water and minimizes shower scum. A fully framed shower screen is made up from thick toughened glass. The fully framed shower screen is offered in a wide range of colors and customizable styles.

Diy Shower Screen

There is a great range of layout’s available which you can use for a shower screen as per your requirements. We have a number of glass panels and other related hardware items to cater for easy installations. With the help of our easy calculators, you can choose the right type of shower screen as per your requirement.

All our shower screens- frameless shower screens, semi-framed shower screens, and fully framed screens are certified to AS1288 that means every glass is not sent unless it is Australian Standard Certified. We provide shipping in Canterbury Bankstown also. True Value glass is a great place to own an elegant shower screens in a wide range of designs and styles and that too at very affordable price range.